Marina Textil will attend the upcoming:

A+A Trade Fair

the largest forum for international commerce
for safety, security and health at work.

From October 17th to 20th 2017 - Stand A39 Hall 4


The MARKO Softshell collection includes a series of permanent flame retardant, waterproof, breathable and multi-standard fabrics in different weights, particularly destined to the creation of protection garments in sectors where the weather conditions are extreme: rain, wind, snow or low temperatures.

Its principal characteristics are: lightweight, high ergonomics with elasticity and high level of breathability. With these characteristics, the fabrics are ideal for creating much more comfortable uniforms so that the workers can feel much lighter and with greater ease of movement, favouring their work performance and reducing fatigue.



Marina Textil has its own factory for finishes, where it has developed the ALMA collection, aluminized flame retardant fabrics in different weights.

The aluminized fabrics are specially developed for protection against molten metal splashes and radiant heat in places such as metal foundries with large furnaces and high temperature environments.

The Innovation Department at Marina Textil has developed a collection of aluminized fabrics in different weights that offers light solutions (non-existent on the current market), as well as high calibre weights in order to reach the highest levels of protection.


Marina Textil has been manufacturing permanent flame retardant fabrics for Arc flash protection for years. Making the most of the knowledge acquired over all of these years, on this occasion a new solution has been developed that is especially aimed towards complying with the American standards ASTM F1959 / NFPA 70E, as well as protecting from high fire deflagration, electrostatic risk and acid splash risks, which are very present in the sectors of the petrochemistry industry and electrical companies.

With the combination of two or more superimposed fabrics, due to the textile construction and composition, very interesting protection values have been obtained for compliance with the NFPA 2112 fire standard. This provides great resistance to tearing and very good ARC RATING results, maintaining the breathability for greater user comfort.


It is not easy to find red and orange high visibility permanent flame retardant fabrics on the market that comply with the EN ISO 20471 standard due to the difficulty of dyeing certain flame retardant fibres with these colours.

The MARKO fabric is one of the most characteristic of Marina Textil, and after many trials, we have achieved the HV red and orange colour, complying with the demanding EN ISO 20471 standard.

The MARKO DL fabric is a permanent and anti-static flame retardant fabric that also provides protection for the Arc flash. As it is a multi-standard fabric, it is aimed towards different sectors such as public services, railway work and all work environments where it is particularly necessary to be easily seen.